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Any printer can claim they are FSC certified, but are you really printing green?

Finally, you can print responsibly with our NEW eco-friendly waterless Presstek 52DI offset press.

This revolutionary press offers our customers several outstanding advantages over traditional offset printers. First and foremost, it is far more eco-friendly than a conventional press since it has no VOC emissions, uses soy-based inks, requires no chemically produced plates, and saves water. Add to this its incredibly high resolution and impressive speed, and it's now possible for us to print higher quality jobs, cleaner, faster and more economically.

Green Printing NYC

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Green Printing NYC

Green Printing NYC

The Future of Green Printing

Our environmentally responsible press, The PRESSTEK 52 DI is a cutting edge, truly eco-friendly way to print. With the latest in printing technology, we are able to offer REAL offset printing with REAL environmental results:

  1. ON PRESS CHEMISTRY-FREE, TOXIC-FREE PLATE PROCESSING - Safer, healthier, improves quality and speeds time
  3. NO EMISSIONS - Waterless printing eliminates VOC emissions
  4. OUTSTANDING HIGHER QUALITY 300 line screen with precise registration, on a wide range of stocks up to 24 pt
  5. REDUCED WASTE - Fast make ready reduces paper waste

These green advancements allow us to print FASTER and MORE ECONOMICALLY, giving our clients quicker turn around at a lower cost, without compromising our environment, or the quality of our offset printing.

We like to think of it as a win-win situation. Let us show you how easy it is to print green.

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